Listed below are some of the starter tasks that I have used with my classes.

I have tried to label them all with topics, and plan to add the objective of them. Some can take longer than others! Please let me know if there are any corrections to be made.

Not all starters are suitable will all year-groups – please check them before using! My sampling/population starter talks about teenagers smoking, and my congruence starter features Capgras syndrome as a starting point for discussing proof. As their teacher, you know the class, and can adapt where necessary!

All starters come with my template attached, feel free to plan your lessons with them or delete them if you would rather!

I’ve tried to make sure all my tasks have answers, some are hidden by a white box that will fade on click, if you are unsure how to use any of the animations please just comment and I can help you!


Algebra: graphs: Gradient consolidation/introduction: PPT

Algebra: Equations starter: PPT

Algebra: Expressions starter: PPT

Algebra: Formulae Starter/discussion: PPT

Algebra: Simultaneous equations: PPT


Number: Operations cryptic clue starter: PPT

Number: Equals sign cryptic starter/discussion: PPT

Number: Order of Operations Starter and Facebook quiz extension PPT

Number: Estimating seconds: PPT

Number: Estimating sweets: PPT

Number: Standard form Using big and small numbers (video):  PPT

Number:problem solving fraction starter (with a little help from PPT

Number: Ratio Mnemonic starter PPT

Number: Percentages of sugar in food: PPT

Number: Percentage cost of a banana: PPT

Number: Standard form large numbers (with a little inspiration from Boardworks): PPT

Number: Standard form small numbers (with a little inspiration from Boardworks): PPT


Probability: Unlikely events starter: PPT

Probability: exponents starter (long): PPT

Probability: Expected frequency starter (contains spoilers for Derren Brown’s “The System”) PPT

Probability: experimental probability low level estimation: PPT

Probability: Spinner estimation with help from NRICH: PPT

Probability: Mystic meg predictions starter: PPT

Probability & Statistics: Venn diagrams from class data music and language: PPT

Probability & Statistics: Venn diagrams from class data shopping and football PPT


Statistics: introduction, create your own top trump starter: PPT Top trump printout TES link to printable top trump cards or ready to print empty card powerpoint

Statistics: Introducing and defining averages PPT

Statistics: Misleading averages starter (short) PPT

Statistics: breathing data collection task (long): PPT

Statistics: sampling and population starter (maturity warning smoking): PPT

Statistics: alternative sampling and population starter (warning: little mix) PPT

Statistics: Venn diagram cryptic clues: PPT

Statistics: understanding averages median age map: PPT

Statistics: Real life graph/distance time graph creative writing starter: PPT


Shape, space & measure: area and perimeter song video starter: PPT

Shape, space & measure: volume and surface area rap video: PPT

Shape, space & measure: Nets PPT

Shape, space & measure: Plans and Elavations: PPT

Shape, space & measure: Geometric proof starter: PPT

Shape, space & measure: Congruency: Capgras syndrome starter (maturity/trigger warning): PPT

Shape, space & measure: Volume/surface area earth starter: PPT

Shape, space & measure: Volume/surface area dyson sphere starter: PPT

Shape, space & measure: Volume pyramid of Giza starter: PPT

Shape, space & measure: Transformation cryptic clues starter: PPT

Shape, space & measure: rotations video starter (needs answers!): PPT

Shape, space & measure: casper slide transformations video starter: PPT

Shape, space & measure: enlargement whale drawing starter: PPT


Miscellaneous: Oxfam journey of a banana powerpoint: PPT

Miscellaneous: Joke starter “gratitude poster” PPT

Miscellaneous: Maths poster task: PPT

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