36 different starters/activities online!

As part of making this site, I’ve gone back through my entire teaching catalogue of PowerPoints. There was a lot to cringe about but also a lot of activities that were really successful that I must make sure to use again.

One in particular, that I had almost forgotten about, was a joke task that I made to amuse my year nine during their last lesson of the year. (ppt)

I don’t know if anyone has any practical use for that task, if anyone wants to run it in their classes, I’ve now added it to the starters list, along with the actual posters task I had them do. (PPT)

Some were actually sad that it wasn’t a real task!

Probably just to get out of thinking about maths.

I’ve listed them as Miscellaneous and if people want to use them I hope that they do!

The starter that made me want to focus on them.

This is the starter that is mentioned in the “My Goal” page.

It isn’t much of a starter, just a quick three minute video.

But if used in the right way I think it completely frames our entire understanding of why we need to learn about standard form. We need to be able to work with really big and really small numbers as depicted in the video, and standard form gives us a really good way of doing this.

24 starters online now. I wonder at what stage it will be necessary to split them by topic!

maybe at 50.

We’ll see.


12 starters in!

The site has been updated, and I now have 12 different starters available. I aim to consistently add to these until there is a comprehensive list!

I plan on eventually having these be on separate pages sorted by topic, but for the moment I will keep them all on the same page.

I’m currently in the process of going through all of my slides and picking out the ones I think are worthy of going on this website! There’s a lot of resources to sort through, and looking back at some of the resources I made in my first year of teaching has the potential to cause me to visibly cringe.

Going to try to get into the habit of making blog posts, so here’s to many more.