Template letter to your MP

Find out who your MP is and what they stand for: https://members.parliament.uk/FindYourMP

Find your local councillors:
Full list of all MPs:
The more politicians you send it do, the more likely we see change.

Copy and paste the letter below into your email app, and use the gaps to make it personal. MPs are busy but they are human and their emails are often read by their assistants, who summarise them. Make them see how important this issue is and they will pass that along.

Attach this document that illustrates the gaps in our education system: Study Share Succeed workshop


URGENT: Education failure at critical level, we must end the recruitment crisis.

Dear <MP’s name>
Our country has faced together, the darkest days many of us have ever seen. We have endured house arrest, uncertainty and hardship. I have been your constituent for years and voted for last election. My personal situation is
It is particularly distressing that when our nation entered this crisis, we did so with shattered public services. It is unconscionable that ever again we should so neglect the crucial infrastructure that holds up our incredible society. My personal connection to education is

However, great turmoil gives rise to great heroes. Politicians who have the strength to hold true to their conscience. Politicians who were prepared to stand up for what is best for our great nation. We do not need or want politicians who care only for their career path.

No respectable politician would ask schools to take on the frontlines of the pandemic after a decade of underfunding, endless government interference, and eight years of recruitment crisis.

The education system must be fixed before September if we have any hope to hold the line in the trenches. We must be able to recruit only the best teachers, instead of hiring those woefully underqualified. We must cease the endless high stakes assessments that we know are harming student mental health. We must end the inspection culture that destroys the mental health of teachers and support staff. We owe it to our nation’s children.

Attached is a guide to the gaping holes in the current national curriculum. The resources will be available soon, and free for all to use. Only politicians have the power to ensure they are used in every school.

No student should leave school without these skills, but employers know they often do. What good are English and maths when a student has a shattered sense of self esteem and constant panic attacks? We are capable of teaching our students so much better. We can show them how much more amazing life can be, instead of sitting playing Fortnite all day.

We are judged by our actions, not our intentions. Have you contributed to the eight years of recruitment crisis? Now is the time to take a stand. End the education injustice. The only path forward with Brexit and Covid will be with a small business revolution. This must begin in our currently beleaguered schools. We can do better.

Make Ofsted an advisory body, and end the inspection culture.

Fix the holes in the curriculum, make sure our kids are prepared for the business world.

Yours observantly,
Job title

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